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Changes in company management:
Finding a successor to manage a business is a significant step for both sides. On one hand, the outgoing party is handing over their business – their life’s work. On the other hand, the successor is embarking on a new chapter in life by taking over the reins. Good preparation is the key to success.

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We will value your company to create maximum transparency and to establish a fair price for both sides. We will put the right contacts in place for you and prepare you for your direct successor to take over the management of your company. We can also help to research funding if required. We will work with you to conduct a market analysis to assess the potential. This includes:

  • Sales volumes
  • Sales potential
  • Market volumes
  • Market potential

We will analyse the competitive environment with you.

We will perform a site analysis as location choice can determine access to raw materials. A company’s physical location is crucial from the word go and influences all the key factors in its business concept: target group, suppliers, competitors, staff, costs, transport links and infrastructure. We can support companies undergoing internal structural changes thanks to our experience as interim managers.

Ensuring your company is accessible for your customers and suppliers is vital. Rent levels are equally important. You should evaluate your site requirements and what you can afford to spend on a facility from the very beginning.

We can also provide assistance in sales and marketing and in financial planning. Prior to the sale, you should also consider whether a change of legal form would be beneficial from a tax perspective. If you want to pass on the business to a family member, we can also assist you with the handover, taking into account the ramifications for inheritance tax.